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In Australia, cremation is now a much more widely accepted alternative to burial. There are a number of crematorium locations in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and on the Central Coast.

We also have our family-owned cremation facility, Hunter Cremations, which is located at Tomago. This facility enables us to care for your loved one for the duration of the funeral process.

The ashes will be returned to either our Wallsend or Belmont offices as per your instructions. They will be in a plastic container the size of a household brick and will be wrapped and placed in a carry bag. The deceased’s name will be on both the container and the wrapping. You will be asked to sign for the ashes when you collect them and show identification to ensure we are giving the ashes to correct family member.

 The following is some options for your loved ones ashes can be:

  • Scattering the Ashes
    Some families choose to scatter the ashes at a location that holds significant memories of their loved one. Or we can scatter the ashes of your loved one for you.
  • Memorial Garden
    There are several memorial gardens in the region - Ryhope, Beresfield, Palmdale.
  • Urns
    If you are planning on keeping the ashes of your love one we have a large range of urns for you to choose from. We will place the ashes in the urn. If you have already collected the ashes, bring them to our Wallsend office and we will transfer the ashes into the urn of your choice.
  • Floatation Shell Urns
    For families who will be scattering the ashes over water the shell urn is ideal. The shell containing the ashes will float for several minutes, eventually the shell will go under the surface and breakdown overtime dispersing the ashes with the tide.
  • Keepsake Urns
    These urns hold a small portion of the ashes.
  • Heart Keepsake Urns
    The heart keepsake holds a small portion of the ashes.

Click here to view our Memorial Urns Booklet