Setting the Standards....

We are proudly family owned and operated, sharing a sense of family pride
in how we serve our client families in an important time of need.

Service standards are paramount to our family business, combined with
our facilities we strive to provide the very best in the region.

At Pettigrew Family Funerals we are committed to providing your family with the dedication and compassion you deserve during your time of need.

"At Pettigrew Family Funerals we believe each person is unique and we encourage families to celebrate their loved one's life in
a way that honours their uniqueness."

Our family is proud to lead a team of people committed to a tradition of service and care, in a business that has built an enviable reputation of excellence.

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What to do if your loved one
has passed away

If a loved one has passed away or is very low we are available to you at anytime. We can be contacted by phoning
02 4951 1166 (24 hours, 365 days).

We are here to guide your family through your time of need, with care, compassion, courtesy and respect every time we are called to serve.

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