Pre-Paid Funerals

To enquire or arrange an appointment in regards to pre-paid funerals, please call Debbie at our Wallsend office on 49 511 166.


The Benefits of Planning Ahead.

Although we do not like to think about it, the day will come when the services of a Funeral Director are required. We all hope this day will be later rather than sooner... and that our family will know what to do when it comes to organising the funeral.

Some people feel comfortable about leaving this responsibility to their family members while others prefer to pre plan and even paying for their funeral ahead of time. 

There are many advantages in planning ahead — relieving some of the emotional stress on your family, as well as reducing the financial burden the cost of a funeral will present to your family.

Perhaps most importantly, planning ahead gives you the opportunity to create a very personal and meaningful funeral ceremony for yourself - one that reflects who you are and what was significant to you throughout your life. 

A ceremony giving those left behind precious memories to cherish, helping ease their sense of loss and grief.


How to Pre-Arrange your Funeral

Meeting at either your home or at our premises our experienced Funeral Director will guide you, informing you of the options available so that you can design a funeral service reflecting your wishes.

A Pettigrew Fixed Price Funeral Plan provides peace of mind for you and your family by:

  • Ensuring all details and costs are decided calmly in advance, without the emotion and stress that often accompanies a death.
  • Providing the peace of mind of knowing you’re not leaving your family with all the decisions and costs.
  • Enabling you to decide exactly how you would like to be remembered.
  • A ceremony that gives those left behind something to remember and cherish, easing their pain of loss and grief.
  • Allowing others, including nursing homes, to be aware of your choice of funeral director and wishes.
  • Under current legislation, your pre-paid funeral is exempt under Centrelink and Veteran’s Affairs Assets and Income tests.

Your preferences for your funeral are recorded at the time of the meeting with a copy given to you as well as kept on file at our offices.


My Personal Wishes

If you are not ready to meet with our funeral consultant we have a wonderful booklet available titled “My Personal Wishes” which we can send to you.

This booklet will guide you through the requirements of a funeral allowing you to fill in your preferences for your funeral service. Once completed, place it with your other important personal papers so when the time comes your family will be able to carry out your wishes.

To arrange an appointment please call Debbie at our Wallsend office on 49 511 166, who will guide you through arranging the funeral, explaining the services and products available and outlining the costs involved.