Service Sheets


Service Sheets are a special way of celebrating a loved one’s life - a precious keepsake for each attendee to take home with them. The service sheets can consist of any combination of the following:

  • Photographs: This can be one photo for the front page or several photos throughout the service sheet.
  • A life sketch: An overview of your loved ones life including details from their childhood through to the person they became.
  • An order of service: Ask your celebrant to email this through to
  • A poem: Download our Service Sheet Workbook for examples of poems or do a Google search for ideas. 
  • Family Tree: Starting with their parents and siblings and going down the line to include their spouse, children, grand children etc.
  • Thoughts and inspirational sayings.

Our resident graphic designer will create a service sheet reflecting all that was special and unique about your loved one. This can be tailored to reflect their passions and interests, for example, a beach look for someone who loved to surf, a bowling green or golf course as a background.