In-house services

We are proud to provide almost every aspect of the funeral in-house and ensure every service is effortless and cost effective.

  • Chapels - three chapels located at Wallsend, Belmont, and Mayfield West.
  • Function Centres - each of our locations also provides after-funeral catering, with a dedicated chef and catering staff.
  • Mortuary Facility - care of your loved one by our mortuary team at our private mortuary facility, Mayfield West.
  • Crematorium - Hunter Crematorium, Mayfield West. Family owned & operated by Hunter Cremations Pty Ltd.
  • Florist - our dedicated florist provides all of our covers with over 25 years experience.
  • Design team - our in-house graphic designers and IT specialists help to create those special keepsakes and ensures that the service technically runs smoothly.
  • Transfer vehicles - transferring from place of passing by 2 staff in our transfer vans Standard pricing Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, within 40km of each of our locations.
  • Our professional fees - cover all aspects of arranging and conducting a funeral service including our highly trained staff, state-of-the-art facilities, professional vehicles, and all other standard inclusions.

You can find a full price breakdown in our brochure below. If you have any questions please contact us on 02 4951 1166.

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