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Build a Service

Build a Service
  • Personal Information
  • Before we begin
  • Burial or Cremation
  • Type of Service
  • Location
  • Following the Service
  • Celebrant
  • Coffin Selection
  • Flower Selection
  • Personalising my Service
  • Personalising my Service
  • The Final Step

What is the purpose of the 'Build a Service' feature?

We understand that there are many different ways people would like to celebrate their loved one. Some families want a beautiful celebration, others a simple private gathering and some no service at all.

Our aim is to help with every aspect of a funeral, relieving some of the burden from our families.

Our ‘Build A Service’ feature is here to help guide you through the options we have available, while providing a transparent estimation of costings.

We are privileged to be able to cover each and every aspect of the funeral with our team of professionals, including:

  •  A team of dedicated and supportive Funeral Arrangers
  • Compassionate and caring Celebrants
  • Skilled and respectful Mortuary Technicians
  • A talented team of Graphic Designers and IT Specialists
  • An in-house talented and passionate Florist
  • Our caring Administration and Finance Teams
  • Our hard working “behind the scenes” Funeral Assistants
  • And a large Catering Team, including a Full Time Chef

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