Remembering, honouring and celebrating your loved one


Arranging a funeral during this pandemic

We are proud to care for our families during such an important time of need and although it is not ‘business as usual’ at the moment, we endeavour, to provide our families with the highest standard in both service and facilities that we always aspire to.

Current restrictions

Restrictions to organising the funeral

During this time, you have the option for meetings to be done via phone or email. Or alternatively,
face-to-face meetings, with up to 4 family members.

We have created new procedures, documents and information to help guide you through this time to relieve some of the burden from our families.

Restrictions for holding a service

For those wishing to hold a service during these times, restrictions from government on guests in attendance will be adhered to, to ensure the health and safety for families and our staff.

As of Monday, 1 December the government COVID-19 restriction 1 person per 2m2 to attend a funeral.

Our Belmont Chapel can hold 150 in the chapel, Our Belmont function centre can also accommodate 150.

Our Wallsend Chapel can hold 70 in the chapel, with overflow for 30 standing in the foyer, and 300 outside. With our function centre at Wallsend holding 150.

After the restrictions are lifted, we can help plan a memorial service to provide a chance to say goodbye for your family and friends. Until then, we are here from your family to assist with anything that can provide support and comfort during this time.

Options for the funeral

We understand that there are many different ways people would like to celebrate their loved one. Some families want a beautiful celebration, others a simple private gathering and some no service at all. With each of these, the price will reflect your selection.

There are many times where costs must be considered and we understand that a service must be within your budget. Here are 3 scenarios to show how different choices determine the overall price.

Build a service with our step by step guide will assist you, providing clarity and guidance.


No service, a cremation only

Included within this price is:

  • Cremation at our Crematorium
  • Doctors paperwork
  • Cremation certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Transfer into our care*
  • Mortuary care
  • Basic coffin
  • A private viewing
  • Professional fees
  • A meeting with one of our funeral arrangers to discuss legalities & fill out paperwork

from $3,600 incl. GST

*During weekdays 8am-4pm


The most affordable service

Everything in option 1, plus…

The Basics:

  • A simple service at our Chapel
  • Our in-house Celebrant
  • Our Burwood coffin
  • Cremation at our Crematorium

None of the extras, such as:

  • No flowers on the coffin
  • No service sheets
  • No Photo tribute
  • No newspaper notice
  • No after funeral function

from $6,735 incl. GST


The Premium Service

Everything in option 1, plus…

The Necessities:

  • A service at our Chapel
  • Our in-house Celebrant
  • Our Ironbark Coffin
  • Cremation at our Crematorium

The extras:

  • Flower cover to sit on coffin
  • 50 x Service sheet handouts
  • Photo Presentation
  • Newspaper notice
  • 60 x Catering in our function centre

COST: $8,425 incl. GST

Throughout our lives, we are sent precious souls meant to share our journey however brief or lasting their stay, they remind us why we are here.