Remembering, honouring and celebrating your loved one


Arranging a funeral during this pandemic

We are proud to care for our families during such an important time of need and although it is not ‘business as usual’ at the moment, we endeavour, to provide our families with the highest standard in both service and facilities that we always aspire to.

We are here for you and will guide you through this during this difficult time to ensure we create the perfect farewell.

Current restrictions

Restrictions to organising the funeral

During this time, all meetings will be done either over the phone or email, with no face-to-face meetings. We have created new procedures, documents and information to help guide you through this time to relieve some of the burden from our families.

Restrictions for holding a service

With the current provisions imposed to ensure the safety of others and help reduce the risk of infection or spreading the virus. At this time you have 4 options:

A Special Family Service


  • A service for 9 with Celebrant in our chapel
  • Small Floral Cover & Individual Roses
  • Service Sheets & Photo Presentation
  • Online Memorial Page & Live Streaming
  • Catering with additional 2 Platters
  • Viewing prior to the service
  • 90 mins, for your service & catering


This package is for the family who would like to hold a service as close to usual during these difficult times. A time to celebrate and honour the life of someone so dear.

Providing beautiful keepsakes that can be shared with those who cannot attend and to have that special time with close family.

A Small Informal Gathering


  • An informal family gathering of up to 10 in our chapel for 1 hour
  • Photo Presentation & Online Memorial Page
  • Personalised music playlist
  • Simple Catering of tea, coffee & biscuits
  • 10 long stem roses to place in the coffin


Families who would like time as a family, as an intimate informal gathering.

Spend time with your loved one, together with family. Providing an opportunity to say goodbye, to place a rose and afterwards to gather together over a cup of tea.

No Service


A Private Viewing for 30 mins for up to 10 family or friends in our private chapel
Online Memorial Page


For those who would like a simple private viewing to say goodbye to their loved one.

Keepsakes, such as an online memorial page or photo presentation are a beautiful way to assist with the grieving process & to have a special keepsake for family to treasure.

After the restrictions are lifted, we can help plan a memorial service to provide a chance to say goodbye for your family and friends. Until then, we are here from your family to assist with anything that can provide support and comfort during this time.

Throughout our lives, we are sent precious souls meant to share our journey however brief or lasting their stay, they remind us why we are here.

Options for those who cannot attend

Most of the time, family and friends will benefit from acknowledging the loss of someone they love
through some form of ritual. This could be a service, but just as necessary and helpful can be those special keepsakes that family and friends can treasure.

Live Streaming

We can offer live streaming and recording of the service through our website, or via an email link.
This provides family and friends a chance to feel a part of the celebration of honouring a loved one. Our live streaming is at no charge.

Service Sheets & Photo Presentation

All of our design items, including Service Sheets, Photo Presentations, Photo Frame and Screensavers can still be used for any service or even a no service as a special keepsake.

Both our service sheets and photo presentations can be shared to family and friends who cannot attend the service or for no services.

There are 3 options to share these keepsakes:

1. A link on our website, available for up to 2 weeks after the service.

2. Via email. Sent to the family to pass on to loved ones.

3. On our branded USB | $15 each | 5 or more $10 each.


Our in-house florist, Rachel will continue to provide our families with her beautiful floral work. Whether the family would still like to do a floral cover to sit on the coffin and individual flowers to place during a time or reflection. Delivery of bouquets can also be arranged.

Floral Cover

All of our floral covered are available during this time. Please see our options in the ‘Choosing Flowers and Coffin’.

COST: from $220

Individual Flowers

A beautiful personal moment during the time of reflection, with a choice of:

  • Long stem rose
  • Long stem carnation
COST: from $3 each

Bouquet + Delivery

We can create a custom bouquets to send to families.

Free delivery within 15km*
or delivery charge of $20

COST: from $80
Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same