We deeply appreciate the significance of personalising a farewell. We’re here to assist and encourage you to creating a meaningful and unique service that pays tribute to your loved one’s life. By working closely with you, we aim to honour their individuality and celebrate their memories.

There is no right, wrong or “normal” when it comes to a funeral service. Below are just a few thoughts you may wish to consider when creating a service for your loved one.


Is a traditional location most suitable such as a church or memorial park, or would one of our modern chapels be best? Or perhaps a unique venue such as a park, bowling or surfing club, or their local pub would be the perfect backdrop to celebrate your loved ones life.

Style of service:

To create a meaningful farewell reflecting their life’s journey, the style of service is important.

A “Celebration of Life” is a heartfelt tribute focusing on joy, accomplishments, and shared memories. Traditional services follow cultural customs and may include viewings, processions, and formal ceremonies. Religious services, deeply rooted in faith traditions, incorporate spiritual rituals, prayers, and a minister of religion to provide comfort and guidance. Private services are often more intimate gatherings that can be personalised to commemorate the life of the deceased. Finally, a memorial service providing a less traditional style with no coffin present. Each style serves as a way for expressing love, respect, and remembrance while addressing the diverse preferences of those who are grieving and the wishes of your loved one.

Other ways of personalising a funeral can be done with:

  • the style of music to be played during the service
  • playing a photo presentation filled with visual memories
  • placing of flowers or time of reflection, giving guests a quiet moment to reflect
  • a balloon release or lighting of a candle in memory
  • religious items, such as a prayer or scripture reading

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