I’ve been asked to speak at a Funeral, what should I focus on?

This is one of the most common questions our Celebrant’s are asked. And it is a great question, as many people express they feel scared at the thought of speaking at a funeral service.

We understand how overwhelming this could feel at the time, and we understand the feelings that could come up around saying the right thing or doing your best in honouring your loved one who has passed.

We recommend, instead of getting caught up in names, dates and places, to keep it simple.

Ask yourself - Who was this person to me?

If you can sit back and imagine that you have all of these people sitting in front of you - what would you like them to know about your loved one? Know that you can’t cover a whole lifetime in a couple of minutes.

Less is always more; you are offering a little glimpse into the life of your loved one.